Plumbing Solutions: 7 Steps To Unclogging A Sink

Plumbing Solutions: 7 Steps To Unclogging A Sink

Is the water in your sink draining slowly or not at all? It’s more likely that the drain line of your sink is blocked. You will need to unclog your sink.

Don’t worry! Unblocking a sink is very easy: most often, the cause of the clutter in your pipe is located at the outlet of the sink, and you can quickly remedy it.

You can use a suction cup, which will clear your pipe by creating an area of low pressure. However, at other times, the solution is just under the sink, in the siphon!

Maybe you’re not familiar with the cleaning process? Look no further! Our plumbing experts guide you step by step by giving you all the tips for unclogging your sink. 

1. Free Up Space Under The Siphon

The space under your sink is often used as storage space. This is also the place where your siphon is located, which you will need to access.

To start, free up the place below, where the siphon is located.

2. Place A Basin Under The Siphon

Your pipe is filled with water that you will have to recover if you want to prevent a flood! Place a basin under your siphon to receive the stagnant water under the sink.

Pro tip: Put on gloves. You don’t know what kind of rubbish might be trapped in your drain!

3. Unscrew The Lower Part Of The Siphon

It is often debris in the siphon that prevents the flow. You must unscrew the lower part to remove waste and allow efficient water flow.

To unscrew the plastic siphon, you don’t require any specific tools; your hands are enough. Hold the upper part firmly with your second hand so as not to disturb the piping when unscrewing.

On the other hand, if your siphon is made of stainless steel, a few tools will be necessary to unscrew it. 

4. Check If Debris Is Still Stuck

Typically, water and debris flow into the basin. Be careful not to lose the seal of your siphon, which you will have to replace before screwing it back on!

Now, over the sinkhole, check for any debris or material clogging the drain pipe. If any residue remains clogging your pipe, use a small wire hook or an old toothbrush to free the pipe.

However, sometimes, even after cleaning the siphon, the pipes remain clogged with hair or bacterial residue. In this case, it will be necessary to unscrew the siphon’s rear part and extract its cap.

To dismantle it, hold the rear part of the pipe with your hand so as not to damage your piping, and unscrew it with an adjustable wrench. Again, be careful not to lose the seal and not to disturb the piping when unscrewing.

5. Clean With Water And Bleach If Necessary

There you have it; your pipe is no longer blocked. Moreover, washing with hot water mixed with a bit of bleach will allow you to dissolve the fat that remains stuck inside your pipes. If necessary, use an old toothbrush to scrub the inside of your pipes.

6. Screw Again By Replacing The Gasket

Is your sink unclogged and the insides of your pipe clean? Then, it’s time to put your siphon back in place.

Screw the elements of your siphon back on. Be extra cautious when tightening; make sure not to disturb your piping or twist it, particularly in the case of a stainless steel siphon. Always hold the top of your siphon firmly with one hand or use two wrenches in the case of a stainless steel siphon.

Reminder: Don’t forget to put the gaskets back inside your siphon!

7. Check That There Are No Leaks, Tighten If Necessary

Do a little test: Run the water to inspect for leaks. If so, check your gaskets for wear, or tighten the hoses and siphon a little more.

Last advice: Do not empty your basin of dirty water in the sink but the toilet. By putting the waste you just removed back into your pipes, you have a good chance of having to start all over again!

You see, it wasn’t too hard to unclog a sink by following the tips of our plumbing experts. If you’re not comfortable unclogging your sink yourself, feel free to connect with us at Premier Plumbers! Our technicians can efficiently cater to all your plumbing needs and provide tailored solutions within the specified budget and time anywhere in Bradenton, FL.

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