Custom Remodel & Design

Revamp your kitchen and bathroom with beautiful marble countertops, wood panels, and organized cabinets, and our high-quality remodeling and design service. We ensure you don’t just receive aesthetically-pleasing results, but a kitchen and bathroom that is also functional and within your budget!

Kitchen Remodeling

A beautiful, spacious kitchen to explore your culinary skills is the wish of every homeowner in Sarasota, FL. And why shouldn’t it be? The kitchen is the heart of the home where everyone gathers together to celebrate their love for food! Our remodeling service entails curating your customized designs and bringing your vision to life.

From the color of the cabinets to the kind of marble top that needs to be installed, our experts get the work done within the deadline (and budget). And don’t worry; the rest of your house will remain in pristine condition while our professionals are working in your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

A relaxing bubble bath after work is the ideal way to end the day. But your morning and nighttime routine can become even more gratifying with a spacious and luxurious bathroom designed and installed by our skilled contractors. Our experts at Premier Plumbing will work closely with you to get all design details on the dot!