If You Suspect Your Shower Is Leaking; Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The Source!

If You Suspect Your Shower Is Leaking; Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The Source!

A leaking shower is a common, yet extremely unpleasant problem that you need to resolve immediately. Even if you don’t have neighbors that you can “flood,” the dampness in the bathroom itself is a cause for severe discomfort.

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One of the common causes of water leaks in a shower is sealing problems. If the silicon seal is degraded, water may flow behind the shower tray, between the shower and the tiles. To make sure there is no leakage, you need to check the silicon seal condition frequently. If water continues leaking due to a silicon problem, our experts advise replacing the silicon gasket as soon as it is damaged. Make sure to degrease the support before applying the new silicon for a perfect seal.

In case silicon sealing is not the problem, the following are five great tips to help you find the source of your leaking shower.

1. Check the Tiles & Joints

The foremost thing you need to do is check the tiles for cracks. You have to replace any cracked or broken tiles; this should fix the leakage.

If you don’t see any cracks in the tiles, take a flat screwdriver and tap its metal tip in the middle of the tile you think is the cause for the leakage. Tiles that are damaged often sound hollow. This will help you detect the source of the leak immediately.

2. Check the Gasket

Another cause of water leaks in the shower can be a crack in the gasket. Therefore, make sure to check the gasket and have any damaged silicon gaskets replaced. You may also need to apply a new seal if the gasket is loose or missing.

Take a knife and place its tip between the tile and the gasket. If you can put the knife’s tip between the tile and the gasket, that’s probably the cause of the leak.

3. Check the Rosettes

The rosettes are located behind the shower mixer. Try unscrewing the rosettes by at least 2 cm. If it is very difficult to unscrew the rosettes, the leakage isn’t due to rosettes.

On the other hand, if you can unscrew rosettes by 2 cm, look behind the escutcheon to check if water is seeping before the tap.

4. Check the Shower Flow

Cracks in joints or fittings around the shower drain can also be the cause of the leak. It would help if you replaced gaskets or sealants. Next, check the pipes.

If you think the drain gaskets or fittings are damaged, then carefully try to place the tip of a knife between the shower tray and the tiles – successful placement of knife between the shower tray and tile points towards the source of the leak.

Can’t put the knife between the shower tray and the tiles? This means your grouting and sealing job are fine. Now, you need to check the pipes.

5. Check the Water Line

Before going to sleep, check your water meter reading and measure it again the following day. No water must be consumed in the meantime. If you find that water has been consumed the next morning, it is almost certainly due to a leak in the waterline.

In the event of a major leak, you will find that the water meter continues to run despite shutting off all the taps.

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